About Us

We began as an offshoot of the first branch of the Church of England in Stratford, Connecticut. Every fourth Sunday a priest would ride to the Tashua area to preach to the farmers and Indians. When he wrote home to the Anglican Venerable Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts that the Tashua residents had built a rude wooden church, the Society responded by sending not only financial support, but a Bible and Prayer Book, both dated 1760, that are on display at the rear of our church today.

Our present church building was erected in 1846. The integrity of the Carpenter Gothic exterior as well as the interior architecture has been very well-maintained over the years, and in 2001 Christ Church was named to the National Register of Historical Places. The Historical Register noted that the church is virtually a time capsule of early Victorian ecclesiastical taste, and refurbishment/repair over the past 150 years has acknowledged that distinction.

In 2008 we dedicated the Edna Ives McLean building, constructed to house our growing Sunday School and to accommodate parish offices, a library and a parish hall. The new building, designed by the architect to complement our antique church, also enabled us to upgrade our utility systems and become fully handicapped-accessible.

As we continue the worship and work of generations past, we are ever aware that this is our time of stewardship for generations to come. We welcome all who seek the Spirit in their lives for we have found that the experience of God in Jesus Christ is enhanced in community. We affirm the right of all to seek God and welcome you whoever you may be to God’s table.