About Our Rector

In December of 2013 we called a new rector the Reverend Rob Neville. Father Rob joined us on March 1st, 2014, moving here from Mountain View California with his wife Margaret. This is Father Robs first call as a rector. Previously he was the Curate at Saint John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Aptos, Ca. While a new priest, (Father Rob was ordained to the priesthood in August of 2013), Father Rob brings a lifetime of experience to his ministry. He graduated for CDSP in Berkeley, CA in 2012, is a poet, artist and singer. He has had a varied career from an Engineer and Manager at Apple to a Fireman and Rescue worker in New Mexico. He is the father of two sons and grandfather of one young boy.

Father Rob is new to the Trumbull area but his family has deep ties to the community. His maternal Great Grandfather, the Reverend William F. White was minister at the 1st Congregational Church in Trumbull from 1890 to 1900 and again from 1921 1927. His maternal Grandfather Rev. Emmons White was born in Trumbull in 1891 and his parents met while both attending Yale Medical school in the 1940s.

In the brief time Reverend Rob has been with us he has taken to the community with enthusiasm. We are pleased to have him in our community and hope you can join with all of us in worship in the near future.